It's $400,000

It's $400,000

As a result of the Presidential Cabinet Meeting on 12/04/2022, the value of the property to be purchased for application for exceptional Turkish citizenship was agreed to increase from $250, to $400.

"250,000", which is included in Article 20 (b) of the Presidential Resolution published in the Official Gazette dated 13/05/2022 and numbered 31334, and the second paragraph of the Regulation on the Implementation of the Turkish citizenship Law, has been changed to "400,000". With this decision, the conditions for the purchase of property worth a minimum of $400,000 and the sale of three are finalized for the exception of Turkish citizenship.

The same decision states that the requirement for purchase of a minimum of USD 400,000 property will take effect one month after the date of publication of the Official Gazette. In the next month, the applicants will be eligible for a minimum purchase of property worth $250,000, which will be sufficient for the applicants to apply.